Wall Covering Ideas Using Wall Paper

Sep 12th

Wall covering ideas in Indonesia is such new design for some people and most of them still use the paints because it is more practice and have many colors. Nowadays, paints are not the main thing that will beautify your wall but wall covering. Wall covering is a medium that is usually used for some people to beautify the look of a room especially in the wall side. Wall covering is not the same with paints which have plain look. It has varied of interesting and colorful motif and images so it can give the more interesting look for the parts of wall which is covered by it.

Wall Covering Ideas Using Wall Paper

Indeed, in fact that wall covering is not cheap because wall covering can give beautiful atmosphere in such room from its colors and motifs and can be changed every time if it is needed. The high cost that is provided for customer with all function and beauty which are provided from covering wall is never mind. Those are kinds of plain colors, simple motif such as line, flower, dots, and there is also kind of wall covering that can be bright in the dark. In choosing wall paper to be wall covering, you should carefully choose to the wall paper that is durable and not easily broken.

Adhering for Wall Covering Paper

Adhering wall covering by ourselves is not an easy job and we cannot put it exactly on the wall because adhering the wall covering must use special glue and the wall that will be adhered must be washed first. The use of glue is not much or little but enough because it is too much. The face wall must on the flat side and not patchy. If there is the hole, it must be patched first. Because adhering wall paper is needed into carefulness, it is better to use expert staff that is totally expert in this moment.

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