The Cheerful Sunflower Kitchen Curtains

Mar 15th

Sunflower kitchen curtains may look cute, yet it may not suitable for all kitchens. This kind of curtain is only suitable for those who want to achieve cheerful and joyful atmosphere. Even if it is good for cheerful people, it is actually applicable for anyone who wants to install such curtain in the kitchen. Here is some recommendation to make this cute curtain suits the kitchen.

Choosing Sunflower Kitchen Curtains

Since it is sunflower, its color is definitely yellow. Finding a curtain with contrastive base color may be good. Take an example of blue. Not only does it seem contrastive, but it also gives green illusion which is quite nice for enchanting element in the kitchen. After that, it is worth to note the sunflower’s size. If the kitchen is already filled with smaller equipment hanging around, bigger size daisy will make the curtains astonishing. It is applied otherwise if there is only very big furniture such as cupboard, oven, and such around it.

Sunflower for Kitchen

It is possible to add real sunflower in the kitchen for accessories. A pair of hanging daisy flower will look very nice near the windows. It may seem annoying at the first time, yet it is quite cool to try.

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