Small Bathroom Vanities for Small Bathroom

Oct 1st

Small bathroom vanities are the vanities in small size. Vanity is the makeup table that usually found in the bedroom or bathroom. Some of the people are choose to put the vanity in the bathroom because it’s more convenient to put the vanity in the bathroom. You can do the wash your face then put the makeup right away after doing that. Some of the people are doing that way. In case of small vanity, there are many things that can be included in small category. Many people said that the vanity with length 25 inches or less can be included in small vanity. In this article, we’re going to talk about some products of bathroom vanities that can be included in small type of vanity.

Simple Small Bathroom Vanities

The first type of the small bathroom vanity is the small vanity in simple design. Many small things are using simple design as their design because you don’t need to put decorations on it. Since the size is small, it’ll be hard to decorate the small things including small vanity. There’s a product called Versaille 25” Single Bathroom Vanity Set. This vanity is the simple white colored vanity with two drawers and classic legs. There’s a small sink in the white marble surface. There’s o mirror in this set but you can add it yourself. This kind of vanity will suitable for small and simple designed bathroom.

Modern Small Bathroom Vanity

The next design is the modern design. Modern design is actually similar with simple design. But the modern design. But modern design is usually has decorations unlike the simple design. There’s a small vanity called Oslo 24” Single Bathroom Vanity Set with Mirror. This set has black and white themed vanity with cupboard that has mirror on its door. It’s like a complete set for small vanity. Even though the vanity is small, with many small drawers, storage, even cupboard and mirror, this vanity has everything that usually found in big vanity.

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