Shower Tile Ideas: White, Corner, and Contemporary

Sep 4th

Shower tile ideas can be white, corner, and contemporary. Each theme will have differences. For the first is white idea. This statement will bring people to think that the tile used is white. However, this is not totally right. This means that there will be combination between grey and white as the color. Take an example for this idea. You can use white and grey randomly. This means that in a wall, you can use both tiles. You can also use white as the one side wall, then another side wall will use grey. This will be good if you add some small lights in a bathroom.

Corner shower tile ideas

This idea will be good for you who have small bathroom. This is caused by the place of the shower is in the corner. If you have something in the corner, the place will not be wasted. Besides that, another advantage is from the size of the shower room. In other word, you can have bigger or longer shower room in a bathroom. This is caused by the corner. You can also use glass for this idea. This is intended to make your room looks larger. For the tile, this is up to you. It is free to use any color of the tiles.

Contemporary ideas for shower `tiles

Contemporary will have same characteristic with modern tiles. This is caused by this theme will not be like classic. The color which is used will be so many. When you use classical idea, the color will be some. The color which is used for this theme is grey, black, white, and also brown. The way you arrange the tile will be different also. The tile will be arranged randomly while classical idea will arrange the tile based on the rule.

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