Pedestal Table With Wood or Metal Bases

Sep 8th

Pedestal table is usually coming in round shape. The size of this kind of the table is not big. It is small enough. Sometimes, you will even find the table that designed for just two people to chat together or enjoy their tea time. This table has one straight pillar and bases on the bottom to ensure that the table will stand still and firm. The table top comes in round shape. Sometimes you can find the tops from various materials. However, he most used material for the table is wood. The table is really close with village ambience, so using wood will surely boost the ambience.

Wood Bases Pedestal Table

The bases are really important. Since the table only has one pillar to keeps it stands, the bases need to be strong and durable. Wood is indeed the best material that can gives the best village and natural feeling. But, sometimes, having the table with wood bases is a bit inconvenience. The wood is fragile to the extreme weather. It can rot under the extreme change of weather. So, if you are living in an area with extreme weather or climate, you must think and consider again about purchase the table with wood bases.

Metal Bases Table

Other than the wood, you can choose the table that has metal bases. The bases made from metal are stronger and more durable than the wood bases. It is more suitable for people who live in city or country with extreme weather. It will not rot like the one made from wood. But, you must clean it regularly and make sure that there is no corrosion on the metal. The corrosion can be prevented by paint the metal bases again with anti corrosion paint. It will not only give protection to the metal bases, but also makes the metal bases look more beautiful.

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