Paint Colors for Bedrooms as Recommended Fengshui

Nov 3rd

Paint colors for bedrooms used for the bedroom you usually have a little bit dark color to give the impression of a warm and comfortable. Some people use paint dark red, gray, brown, beige, bone white, mint, navy blue, purple, and colors derivatives. Each color has a meaning for the bedroom. In the science of spatial China or Feng Shui, the colors of the paint the walls a different color and have meaning. They assume that color is a major aspect because color has a powerful energies can flow and cause a wave of positive energy or negative.

Paint colors for bedrooms according to Feng Shui

White means purity and innocence, which symbolizes the clean, fresh, and freedom. If you want to use black, this means that the representative of the vacancy, mysterious and protective. If you choose a shade of gray, this means that depict color paradise of comfort. For the blue color is regarded as a counterweight to balance of red or flame color, this color will bring peace, tranquility, and truth. If you choose the red color means taking the element of fire and luck. Furthermore, to purple, this color represents a high spiritual value and is suitable for the bedroom. If you choose the color pink means giving sincerity and romance. For brown color, this color has a high stability, suitable for classrooms but is not suitable for the bedroom.

Choosing paint colors for bedrooms

If you want a quiet sleep activity, comfortable, and fresh when you wake up, it is better to choose a paint color purple as the color of your room because it has a high spiritual so that you will be more comfortable when resting the body and soul. Avoid using colors that are too bright, because it will disturb your sleep quality according to the Feng Shui.

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