Oval Coffee Table with Crystal Clear Glass

May 6th

Oval coffee table is widely use by the people in all sort of places. People live on the world usually will have at least one coffee table on the house. The coffee table offers so much benefit to put it inside of the house. It can boost the coziness of the resident. Since it can also be placed literally at anywhere, it becomes one of the most favorite furniture for many people. One of the types from the coffee table that people love is the one that has oval shape and use the glass as the top material.

How to Decorate Oval Coffee Table

Sometimes, the coffee table can be really plain and boring. To enhance the appearance of the coffee table, you can try to decorate it. You can make a good use of stickers. For example, you can even use the wall sticker to be decorated on the top of the coffee table. Or you can paint the coffee table with glass as the top material with acrylic paint. The acrylic paint can stays long on the glass, so it can be the best paint choice to decorate the plain coffee table.

Cleaning the Table

Since the table has glass as the top material, you will need to keep the top stays clean. Glass tends to get dirty easily. Once it gets dirty, it will have bad and cloudy appearance. But, you cannot use any of cleaning solution to clean the glass. The glass is usually easy to get scratched too. One of the best cleaning methods for glass is by using alcohol and mixture of glass cleaner from vinegar and water. You will need special cloth to help you clean the glass too. The cloth that is being used to clean the glass is a microfiber cloth. The best microfiber cloth for glass cleaning is the flat weave type.

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