Gray Bathroom Vanity for Great Bathroom Looks

Oct 19th

Gray bathroom vanity can enhance your bathroom view. It can be beautiful furniture which serve a great color shade in the bathroom. Color in gray will give cool nuance and make the bathroom look sophisticated. You can fit it with any bathroom color scheme and it would work to make a color balance with its neutral color. It is simple to put vanity with gray color in the bathroom to make bathroom become great room for bathing.

Color scheme combination for gray bathroom vanity

Bathroom vanity in gray color will match with gray themed for your bathroom color scheme. It is moody and neutral color. You can combine it with white color and they would work to create the pure ambience. Besides combining it with pure color, you can also combine it with bright color such yellow or orange. It would contrast your bathroom color and make it look more attractive. The other choices for great shades of gray are charcoal, silver, oyster, iron, dove and pearl gray. They will work to make your bathroom look more stylish and used to highlight the bathroom elements as the focal point.

Tips for gray bathroom

When you come to choose gray themed in your bathroom, you have to notice some factors to make it works perfectly. First, you have to consider about lighting. Great lighting for gray especially for bathroom is from the window. You can get natural lighting that will support natural nuance from natural gray color. If you do not have window in your bathroom, you can make skinny window that put near the ceiling and it would be great solution. Then, to make magical illusion of light, you can put large mirror above your vanity. For finishing, you can appear natural elements such wooden or flowers as the accessories.

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