Framed Bathroom Mirrors with Themed Decorations

Apr 1st

Framed bathroom mirrors are the mirrors in the bathroom that already framed. The frames that used in those mirrors are usually unordinary frames.  They’ll use various materials, designs, and colors to create an amazing framed bathroom window. In this article, we’re going to talk about the decorations that usually used in the framed mirrors for the bathroom.

Materials for Framed Bathroom Mirrors

The first thing that we’ll talk about is the materials that used by framed mirrors. Many of the framed mirrors are actually not using any decoration. They’re only rely on the material of the frame to make the mirror looks good. The first one is the common material; it’s a wood. Some of the old woods are having a natural pattern that can be used as the design of the mirror. Usually the contemporary theme will use wood as the material for the frame. The second one is the colorful tiles. Many designers are using small pieces of colorful tiles to create special frames for the bathroom windows. The good thing about tile as the frame is that tile is waterproof so that it’s not going to be rotten when getting some waters and the color of the tile is usually long last.

Painted Frames of Bathroom Mirrors

The second way to decorate the frames is to paint the frame. Wood and concrete are the two materials that usually using paints to paint the frames and make the mirrors look great. They’ll usually use basic color first before start to create certain patterns or drawing things on the frame. Usually, neutral colors such as white, grey, or yellow. They’ll use bold colors such as black color, red color, blue color, and so on to create contrast look of the frame and to make the patterns or paintings standout. That’s really great to have this kind of framed mirrors in your bathroom, right?

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