Creative Rattan Coffee Table Design Ideas

Nov 7th

Rattan coffee table is the table that mainly made from rattan. Rattan is the kind of tropical climbing plant with thin and tough stems. Many people are using rattan to create beautiful furniture with pretty patterns that hardly make if we use the solid wood. Rattan is chosen because it’s easy to be shaped and it’s strong. Even though it’s possible to make the furniture using 100% rattan, most of the rattan based furniture is combine the rattan with solid wood too. This time, we’ll give you some examples of rattan tables that usually used as coffee table and the tables were selling in online shop called Amazon.

Full Rattan Coffee Table

Amazon is the one of the most popular online shops that selling many things including furniture. In Amazon, you can get the picture of the product with the price information for the new one and the secondhand. You can also get to know the reviews from the customer and you can do free shipping. Anyway, the first table is called Oriental Furniture Rush Grass Coffee Table/Ottoman. This table was made from 100% rattan in sofa-like model. It’s also in Ottoman style so you’ll get small wheels at the bottom part of the table and make the table portable. You can buy the table for US$119.00 in average.

Pretty Coffee Table

The second table is called Pelangi Handmade Rattan Rou Wicker Coffee Table with Glass Colonial. This table is using the wicker part rather than the rattan than has been process in grass-like shape. That makes the table looks like typical tropical table. This table is using glass as the table’s surface with pretty twists at the bottom part of the table. This table is using light brown color that looks very contemporary style. You can buy this table at good price.

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