Contemporary Bathroom Mirrors Designs for Vanity

Oct 21st

Contemporary bathroom mirrors are the bathroom mirrors in contemporary design. Contemporary design is the popular design that usually used in furniture and other decorations for the room. In this case, the contemporary design was used by bathroom mirrors. Usually, the bathroom mirrors were put on the wall right on the top of the bathroom vanity. There are also many mirrors that sell in one package together with the bathroom vanity. But, if you buy that, then you can just get the mirror that is in the same design as the vanity. Sometimes, it’ll be better to have different designs from the furniture, right?

Rectangular Shaped Contemporary Bathroom Mirrors

The first one is the rectangular shaped mirrors in contemporary design. Contemporary design is always relate to the wood as the material of the frame. And that’s totally right. This time, the contemporary mirror is the mirror in rectangular shape. It’s the common shape of mirrors in the bathroom. Most of the rectangular shaped mirrors are having simple wooden style frame. But, there are also the rectangular shaped mirrors with concrete frame or colored wooden frame. You can choose one that will suit your taste and your bathroom design. It’s also great to match the design of the mirror with the vanity.

Round Shaped Contemporary Mirrors

The second one is the round shaped mirror. This style is also pretty common for the bathroom mirrors. They usually use wood as the frame of the round shaped mirrors too. But, since the shape of this mirror is round, it’ll be harder to decorate it so that’s why it’s kind of hard to get the round shaped mirrors with colorful tiles style or mineral stone style. That’s why contemporary style is very suitable for this kind of mirrors. And it’ll be suitable too for your contemporary themed bathroom.

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