Bathroom Wall Shelf Designs in Simple and Unique Options

Oct 4th

Bathroom wall shelf is really helpful to store a lot of stuffs. There are many thing you need when you are in bathroom, like toiletries, towel, sanitary equipment and many more. Then, rather than to put them on the floor or random empty space in your bathroom that absolutely will make a mess, the wall shelf can be a good solution. Moreover, it can be a great space saver for the small bathroom, because it will not need more space on the floor. So, the room will look more spacious and of course tidier. Besides, if you choose the shelf with nice design, it also can enhance your bathroom’s décor.

Bathroom Wall Shelf Design Ideas in Simple Look

There are many designs for wall shelf in simple look based on the materials and colors. If you are looking for the shelf with low maintenance, glass can be good material. Besides, the clear look of the glass create a simple style for the wall shelf. Moreover, you also can choose wood as the common material for the furniture. For the simple design, you can choose the wooden board with less details and neutral colors. White is good option, because it can be fit to any bathroom décor.

Wall Shelf with Unique and Attractive Designs

If you love decorative things for your bathroom décor, you must choose the wall shelf in unique design. If the regular shelf is designed with some boards drafted in one line vertically, you can choose the shelf with unusual shape and asymmetric arrangement. You can use the baskets for the shelf by attaching it on the wall. Then, the other design is use the boards in various sizes, from the smallest to largest and arrange it as artsy as possible. These design ideas of wall shelf really can make your bathroom look more attractive.

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